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TM! R: Tsuki No Tragedy
Chapter 2: A Night of Dancing

Ryoko sighed heavily, her head was crying out due to the loud noise that surrounded her. The dull thud kept her from thinking about much other than holding onto Ryo-ohki’s tiny hand; she hadn’t seen Washu and the others since they’d all departed from the laboratory but at this point that was the last thing on her mind.

Just before they’d left the house she’d over heard Aeka telling her mother about her “date” with Tenchi later that same night, she’d sweet talked him into dancing with her this first night, since he’d already promised Ryoko to spend the evening watching the fireworks with her the final night.

Ryoko’s stomach churned at the mere thought of Aeka’s hands on her Tenchi, she heaved a sigh rubbing at her temples as Ryo-Ohki stopped to look at one of the venders shops. She watched through her fingers her sister’s amazement of the assortment of fish swimming through the tiny tank, the middle aged man who was running it smiled kindly at her.

“Would you like to give it a try little one…?” He asked, holding a net out for her eager little hand as she nodded quickly her eyes never leaving the myriad of colors as they flashed through the tank.

Ryoko sighed again, and shook her head. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have any money on me…” She said with a frown, patting Ryo-Ohki’s head as the younger girl pouted in disappointment.

“Ah, no worries miss. You’ve got the Misaki Yukata on; with that thing you get freebies all over the place! Katsuhito has you well looked after so don’t fret.” As he said this Ryoko’s eyes widened she examined the rather simple Yukata she’d been given for the other nights of Obon. It was egg white with dispersed rather simple blue designs printed on its rather thick and stiff fabric. The red obi was warn and faded, she had actually been quite reluctant to wear it at first but she smiled slightly at Katsuhito’s wit.

Feeling a bit more cheerful she kneeled down beside her sister and pointed out a brilliantly colored blue and yellow fish before it darted to the far corner, “There Ryo-chan! That one! C’mon! Get it!” She urged, her hand on the small of the younger girl’s back. Ryo-Ohki grinned excitedly as she moved the net after the terrified little fish and after several more attempts she’d finally managed to capture the slippery creature.
Ryoko thanked the man before once again taking her sisters hand and heading back on into the crowd, by this time she figured that the dance was well on its way, but she decided spending some time with Ryo-Ohki was a little more important than pestering Aeka as she shared her time with Tenchi. ‘Though I did want him to see the “new” me… Aw well, he’ll be able to see me then.’ She thought before smiling down at the little mini version of herself who seemed completely oblivious to her presence. The small girl’s eyes danced as she was captivated by the sites and sounds of the festivities that surrounded them.
Just as the two girls were going to head for a stand with various painted masks a familiar voice cried out over the din, “RYOKO, RYO-CHAN OVER HERE!!” Ryoko flinched slightly as Washu’s voice reached her ears, she sighed heavily as she dragged her little sister back towards their mother.
“… Yes, mother?” Ryoko said as kindly as she could muster, the once diminutive scientist grinned at her cheekily now almost a head taller than Ryoko. Washu patted Ryoko’s shoulder before pulling her towards her own body, and did similarly with Ryo-Ohki.
“These are my two LOVELY daughters, but don’t be fooled, this one is quite the loose cannon.” She said nudging Ryoko who seemed shocked by the fact her mother was talking to a complete stranger, she leaned in closer to her mother a mystified look crossing her features.
‘Who is that?’ She hissed attempting to not let her smile falter, her mother’s grin only widened. But before Washu could answer the man spoke up for himself offering a small bow to them.
“Ah, so you’re Miss Ryoko! It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Fujisawa; I was Tenchi’s Mathematics teacher. I was actually quite shocked to hear that so many young women were staying with Masaki; he seems to be so shy with the ladies… Ouff! What was that for?” His smile fell for a moment as his wife elbowed him in the ribs a small frown gracing her pretty lips, “Oh, I’m sorry! How rude of me, this is my wife, Miz.”
The woman smiled brightly placing her arm tightly back around Fujisawa’s, “Its nice to meet you, my husband is very fond of Tenchi. He’s always going on about how brilliant he and his fellow student Mr. Mizuhara are. Though it really is a shame Tenchi gave up so close to graduation, are you teaching him now, Miss Washu?” She said asked Washu nodded quickly before the woman continued, “So miss Ryoko, are you also home schooled then?”
Ryoko nodded her mental link with Washu was open and her mother told her how to respond, “Uh, y-yes I am…” She said flashing Washu a slight glare as the older woman nodded with a proud smile.
“She’s quite intelligent when she puts her mind to it actually, I was considering enrolling her in Tenchi’s school, but it seemed pointless since they’re both so close to graduating and well... Since he is no longer enrolled there it’s easier to just give them the same lessons here at the house.” She lied with ease, Ryoko had to admit that Washu was good at covering her ass and the ex pirate was sure her mother could forge documents showing that she and Tenchi had “graduated” though she knew for a fact that Tenchi would never approve of it.
Fujisawa nodded, “That’s understandable, though it would be a real treat to have you in class, actually a bunch of my students are running around here. You’d probably get along with some of them; watch out for a few of them though… They’re trouble makers…” He said heaving a sigh, “Well it was nice talkin’ to you ladies, if you don’t mind I need to take a breather and get me some booze erm… I mean refreshment.” He corrected with a nervous chuckle as Miz shot him a glare. Ryoko had to chuckle as she watched the two of them walk away bickering slightly and Washu joined her in her laughter before turning to her elder daughter.
“So, are you two having fun? Oh what’s that little Ryo-chan?  A fish! How cute sweetie!”
Ryoko watched with mild interest as her mother fussed over Ryo-Ohki and her little prize but her attention was quickly diverted as a young man with ruffled black hair entered her line of vision. “Fujisawa Sensei, wait please…! Sir!” He cried as he attempted to make his way through the crowd, Ryoko had to chuckle as she noticed a rather large group of young women following just behind him.
The two huntresses closest to him where glaring daggers at one another, the one was a thin red head with a flower printed kimono, her green eyes were cheeky and stuck up and she was just a smidgen taller than the other girl. The shorter of the two was also a red head, her blue green eyes seemed to glare hotly at the first girl, and she was a more stocky and muscular than the other as well. The first girl seemed to be more like the Aeka of their group and the second Ryoko felt was more like herself.
Following just behind the leading ladies was two dark haired girls’, both of which were much taller than the first two. The one had short cute but messy hair and the other long hair pulled up into an odd bun type style, the latter also had a beauty mark gracing her left cheek just below her eye.
And lagging at the back of the group was a rather tired looking brunette; she was dainty and thin but seemed to have good taste in clothing in Ryoko’s opinion. She had left her kimono very loose, but only enough that it showed an ample amount of cleavage without ‘letting the girl’s out.’
And beside her was a rather bubbly dark haired young women who’s uppity expression screamed Mihoshi, the girl skipped merrily along seemingly disinterested in actually chasing the young man.
“Ah, the Mihoshi of the group…” Washu said with a smile, “I guess every family needs one… And that must be Mizuhara Makoto, Tenchi’s friend. You should go say hello, I’ll keep an eye on Ryo-Ohki.” Ryoko heaved a sigh and started towards them seeing as her mother had warned her via link that she would make a scene if she didn’t do as she was told. “Have fun dear!”
Just as Ryoko approached their group the taller red head tripped her opponent sending the other girl sprawling into the crowd and continued with a horrid cackle, the pursuit of her prey. The two tall black haired girls slowed to a stop to check on her, but the Mihoshi of the group skipped past them oblivious to what had just taken place.
“Nice one Shayla, though you know if you needed money for food you should have just asked, I don’t mind giving to charities.” The one with the beauty mark said with a sarcastic chuckle, Shayla glared at her from the ground before spitting out some of the dirt that had found its way into her mouth.
“Oh can it Afura, I’m in no mood for your shit…” The red head growled as the third girl offered her a helping hand, “Why thank you Ishiel. It’s good to know some of my friends still care about my well being.”
“You alright there? That was uh… Quite a fall.” Ryoko asked forcing a smile as she approached the three girls, Shayla blinked at her in surprise.
“And you are…?” She questioned fixing her kimono and rubbing absent mindedly at her lower arm.
“My name is Hakubi, Ryoko, I live with Masaki.” She answered, Afura nodded with a knowing smile.
“Ahhh, so you’re one of the mystery ladies that’s been boarding in the Masaki household, I have to say, the boys at our school have been itching to meet the lot of you. But I was told you all had wild hair… Or was that just a lie the horn dogs came up with to get popular?” She questioned, Ryoko blinked in surprise, their entire school had been abuzz with the fact that five women were living with Tenchi? She had to chuckle a bit at that before answering, no wonder he was so afraid to have people know about their powers and abnormal appearances.
“Well, we do like it wild, but we toned down a bit for Obon since it’s supposed to be traditional and all. I like to gel my hair, and I tend to keep it a cyan color, but don’t tell Tenchi I told you that.” She added with a wink, Shayla chuckled and offered her hand forward for a shake.
“Well Ryoko, nice to meet you, I’m Shayla Shayla, that there is Afura Man and that lovely lady is Ishiel erm... What’s your last name?” All three women sweat drop as Ishiel face faults leaving a nice indent beside where Shayla had just moments before rose from. Ryoko chuckled as she shook Shayla’s hand, they seemed like they’d be fun to hang out with, at least for tonight.
Ishiel rose from the ground with a sigh, she straightened her outfit before flashing the other girls a wide smile, “Any who… How about we go tear up the dance floor?? Show that uptight lot down there what real dancing is, what say you ladies?!” Shayla and Afura quickly nodded in agreement but Ryoko frowned slightly before finally adding her own nod.
‘I suppose it couldn’t hurt to check in on them…’ She thought her stomach tensing as she willed down the nervous feeling that was slowly making its way up her throat, what if she happened to find Aeka and Tenchi together, having the time of their lives? Could she really just stand by and watch? Ryoko was snapped out of her thoughts as Shayla tugged on her hand a cheerful smile lit up the girls tanned features as she pulled Ryoko towards the dance floor.
Aeka sighed as she stared at Tenchi longingly; he was shyly averting his eyes as they danced slowly together. The young woman was trying to keep herself from melting in his lean strong arms; she just wished that he’d act a little more… Enthusiastic about it, he’d been shy and quiet all night, which wasn’t odd for him but he hadn’t even said much about her new look. “Are you having fun Tenchi?” She asked in a quiet voice, he jumped slightly at the new sound but nodded a nervous chuckle breaking free of his slightly parted lips.
“Y-yes Lady Aeka, this is very relaxing…” He said turning his deep eyes towards her for a split second before once again shyly averting them, a small frown pulled at her pink glossy lips. But before she could say anything suddenly a loud brash voice cried out over the crowd.
“Come on drummer; let’s make this a bit more upbeat, no more dull shit!” Shayla cried as she dragged Ryoko out onto the dance floor, the ex pirate froze as she saw Aeka and Tenchi. But luckily for her their eyes were focused on the obnoxious Shayla and not herself.
The young man at the drums winked before picking up his speed and suddenly the entire mood of the dance floor had changed, Aeka glared at the newcomer who had so rudely interrupted her slow dancing with Tenchi. “You there! How dare you! What makes you think you can come down here and do such a thing?” She cried her voice taking on a whiny tone as she did so, Shayla smirked at her.
“Oh can it, I’m sure Masaki liked my intervention anyway, teenage guys aren’t usually into slow dancing am I right? But I bet I know someone who can speed it up for him… EH?! Where’d she go?” Shayla whipped around in surprise but Ryoko was no where to be seen, “Afura, where’d Ryo go?” The girl asked in confusion, the taller woman shrugged.
“…Ryo? You don’t mean Ryoko do you?” Aeka questioned her eyes darkened with a heavy glare; Shayla brushed her off and shrugged before throwing herself into a dance. She was moving quickly to the music her agile movements were seconds later matched by Afura as the two of them moved towards the center of the dance floor and quickly became the center of attention.
Ryoko sighed as she walked away from the busy dancing ring, her chest felt tight with jealousy and she couldn’t have bared another second around the vicinity of that area. She teleported towards the giant rock that she so often sought refuge to now that she was free, ‘How ironic…’ She thought, ‘That the place that once caused me so much anguish would now bring me peace?’ She raised her eyes as she floated up towards her perch, her eyes widened as they met two pale bluish grey eyes.
“Aah, what the hell?!” Ryoko cried out in alarm, grabbing onto the rock as she quickly paused in her flight trying to cover the fact that she’d been using her powers. The girl who had been laying on the large stone formation blinked in surprise before offering her a helping hand, she was dressed in a pale blue kimono that matched quite well with her eye color, and darker blue reed looking plants were spread out in a pattern across the length of the thin cotton material.
“A-are you alright?” She asked in a quiet voice, Ryoko nodded thanking her as she helped her up onto the main stone. “Did you climb up here?” The girl questioned taking a quick peek over the edge; Ryoko could feel a cold sweat building on the nape of her neck. Now she’d done it, she would be forever in bad grace with Tenchi now; she’d exposed her powers to an earthling.
“I, uh…” The ex pirate stuttered as she searched her mind for a reasonable explanation as to why she’d been ‘climbing’ the large rock overlooking the cave. “My friends bet me ten bucks I couldn’t make it; they’re drunk off they’re asses so they didn’t come up here anyway…” She lied, feeling her intelligence drop even as the words left her lips.
The girl arched a slender brow before chuckling slightly but before anything else could be said a loud beeping went off.  It sounded similar to the sound Mihoshi’s GXP watch made when a Space Pirate was in the vicinity, the young woman blinked in surprised before checking her wrist her brows furrowing momentarily before she muted whatever was making the racket.
Ryoko decided she would use this as a way to change the subject, “So, what are you doing all the way up here, by yourself?” She asked picking at a small smudge of dirt on her sleeve, the girl brushed a stray piece of hair out of her eye before answering.
“… I don’t like dances, and I’ve got no one to dance with so I figured why bother heading down there? I’ll just end up longing for something I can’t ever seem to find…” Ryoko cocked her head slightly at this response, seeing this the girl decided she’d elaborate. “Do you have someone you care about?” She asked bluntly her blue eyes averted as if she weren’t all that keen on conversing about the subject.
Ryoko nodded seeing as the subject was tender to her as well she could sort of see where this was going, “Yeah… He’s down there dancing with the damn Barbie…” She growled, her eyes shot up as the other woman burst into a fit of giggles.
“Barbie? You use that term too? Ah, I see. We’ve got something in common then, but let me ask you… Is he with her? Or are they just, spending the evening together?” She asked softly, as if trying not to impose too much into Ryoko’s personal life, but Ryoko’s answer was almost out instantly after the question was asked.
“They aren’t together.” The girl nodded and then played absent mindedly her long dark hair that draped over her left shoulder.
“You’re lucky then, at least you still have a chance… I’ve already lost, it would seem I never had a chance to begin with… There was always a promise for a false beginning, but I don’t think his heart was ever really in it…” She added sadly her eyes seemed distant, “Anyway, you aren’t from around here… Are you?” She asked, Ryoko juggled with several possible answers before finally responding.
“Not originally, but I’ve lived here for two years now.” It wasn’t a lie; she had lived with Tenchi for two years now, the girl nodded though she seemed to be giving Ryoko a good looking over.
“Hmm, never mind then. I… I thought that maybe you were someone else; in any case, perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow during the play… Do you know what it’s about?” She asked as she rose from her seat, Ryoko shook her head a mystified expression crossing her features.
“Its about the legend of the demon of the Masaki Shrine, from what I’ve heard Mr. Masaki has ‘edited’ this version a bit and made it into a bit more of a romance than the original way its told. Should be interesting, well, I’ll see you later then I hope. Good luck with your man.”
Ryoko didn’t here her past the description of the plays plot, was the sadistic writer of this poorly written story trying to make her hate Obon? It seemed as though one bad thing after another was happening to her and this was just more fuel to the fire. She would as always be made out to be the villain, a foul beastly demon on a rampage… Would no earthling other than the Masaki’s ever know that she’d been under an even more horrible demons control and not in the right state of mind when she’d attacked that day?
Before she could ponder what horrible thing would befall her next the young woman spoke up one last time, “Oh, by the way… I’m Kimori, Axis, and…. In the future, it would be in your best interest not to fly when possibly in the presence of humans, Ryoko-san…” Ryoko turned quickly to look around to look for the other woman but to her surprise could find no sign of her in the surrounding area; she frowned slightly as she stood up unable to decipher whether or not the young woman posed a threat to her and the rest of the household or not.
Ryoko looked back over towards where the people were dancing by the shrine house the sounds of the drums were beginning to die down as people readied themselves to either head home or retire to their tents if they had stands. She didn’t know why but an unsettling feeling had made its way into her chest. She had the strangest feeling that something ominous was making its way towards her and the others…
Chapter 1: [link]
BAH…. I really don’t like this chapter all that much, hmm debatably because it should really be more of an ”Aeka” chapter I suppose, I just can’t seem to write any AekaxTenchi even if it is light stuff.
And I know, I know… Shame on me for inserting my OC into the story, she actually will have a purpose then for adding in two of the series other characters… Well at least two… >.>; Think of her as like one of the random characters that get thrown into the manga lol

And oh! While I’m on characters…. It’s technically still not a “crossover” because if you noticed even thought I have cast from El Hazard in Tenchi in Tokyo, Mr. Fujisawa IS Tenchi’s Math Teacher. And in this story none of them have any supernatural powers. So sorry, not actually a Tenchi Muyo/El Hazard crossover…

Tenchi is no longer enrolled in school, but of course we also know that Washu isn’t home schooling him or Ryoko. I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed so far and I would also like to remind you…. This story will not just take place in the Obon scenes; we’re just setting up the storyline, and keep in mind that Ryoko had that lovely ache in her arm. It’s going to be coming back next chapter folks!
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